With BeGreenGym we want make a bridge to a future where improving your personal health contributes to a sustainable planet. Our product will motivate people to do more sport and recuperate the produced energy with maximum efficiency. We want to create a total experience where our product allows full integration with yourself, the grid and the web.

Energy recuperation

We want to create a device where the energy generated from sport activity is converted in electricity. For this we want to make sure the product is grid-tied. This way, the generated power can be directly consumed in the building where the electricity is produced. If the produced energy exceeds the local consumption the remaining power will be injected in the grid. We anticipate that the obtainable energy recuperation efficiency from the calories burned during a workout session amounts to approximately 15%. This means that 15% of the calories burned will be converted in electricity.

The energy generation potential can be estimated at 100-150W of long-time generation. Peak energy production for well-trained individuals can reach 250W. As with any energy generating device, utilization is an important parameter. The product is best placed in an environment where a high utilization can be expected, such as a gym. In a gym environment where 20 bikes are connected together to the grid and used 8 hours per day the energy potential is approximately 8500 kWh/y. This is equivalent to 2 average households and can mean a significant reduction on the gym's energy bill.

The energy saving potential must be regarded in the first place as an improvement of a fitness equipment and not as a generating equipment : the fitness equipment can be a welcome addition to the energy mix with energy which would be wasted if the technology would not be used.

In many ways the product energy generating potential can be compared to solar power: the power generated is equivalent to approximately 1/2 modern solar panel. Also solar panels are most useful when connected to an array of more solar panels and they are best placed in an environment where they receive maximum energy input. Excess power is injected in the gird. The efficiency of solar panels is moreover comparable to the anticipated efficiency of our technology. As a nice extra, because most people go to the gym in the evening, peak production can be expected in the evening and therefore contribute to balancing the grid.

Sport motivator

In the first place we are making a fitness equipment. Because the energy generated during the workout session we want to motivate people to do more sport. Working out on a hometrainer becomes more exciting : you do good for your health and at the same time you are helping a to save the planet. This will also spark energy awareness with the fitness users. When you know how much effort it requires to generate 1 kWh you will more likely pay more attention to reducing your own consumption.

In order to make our product as efficient as possible we are developing a digital controller to adjust the amount of energy injected into the grid. To achieve this we want to make maximum use of the back EMF of an electromotor, much like the recuperative breaking in an electric or hybrid car. While existing technologies use heat dissipation to create more resistance on an electromotor, we want to use real time control to maximize the efficiency. Increasing the resistance on the pedal will be directly increasing the amount of power injected in the grid.


In a modern world where we are all connected we want to take connectivity to the next level. With this device we want to create a total experience, where your personal environment is connected to the internet and to the grid. The control of the product will be via an app on your smartphone or tablet and connect to the bike. No matter which BeGreenGym you step on in the world, it will always be configured for your optimal settings defined on your online profile.

Personalized training program

The online profile will be used to define your own personalized training program. With the help of experienced personal trainers there will be a series of predefined training programs available on our online profile. People who already have a personal trainer can set up their training program in the application. Once the program is set up, simply set on the bike, log in and your app will automatically control the resistance on the bike while feeding you back in real-time your generated power, speed, heart rate…

Energy ownership

The energy you produce on any BeGreenGym bike in the world will be allocated to your personal account. This way you can always track in total how much electricity you have produced. The owners of the BeGreenGym bike will have the opportunity to freely set a value for the electricity produced on their BeGreenGym bike. This way we can give gymowners the possibility to make their members owner of their own produced electricity. Via an automatic payment platform gyms will be able to pay for the generated electricity as a reward to their customers or give them a discount in the bar or on their membership in exchange for the generated power. A gym who wants to focus on their green and sustainable image could even set the price above market price of electricity to motivate people to come sport with them.